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Go Ahead, Eat That Cake!

OK here I am, a dentist, telling you it’s ok to eat cake. With the holidays in full swing, we’re all going to get our fair share of cakes and sweets. Just know that it’s not the cake or the amount of sugar that you eat, rather it’s how long the sugar stays on your teeth. For example, sticky candy is much worse than a chocolate bar because the sticky stuff will hang around longer on your teeth before it’s washed away by saliva.

Sugars are what feed the bacteria in the plaque that forms on your teeth. The bacteria then produce acid which eats away at your teeth causing cavities. That’s why the less time the acid is attacking your teeth, the less likely you are to get a cavity on those teeth. If you do eat sweets, try to eat them in one sitting rather than nibbling on candy or sipping on soda or juice all day. This minimizes the time the acid is active in your mouth. Also, just rinsing with water can dilute a lot of the sugars and wash it away.

So go ahead, enjoy your holidays and your sugary treats. Just remember to take care of your teeth also.

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Happy eating and happy holidays.

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