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Disadvantages of Invisalign

What are the Disadvantages of Invisalign?

What are the pros and cons of Invisalign? Are there disadvantages to wearing clear aligners? Here’s the truth about choosing Invisalign orthodontics in Los Angeles.

Invisalign is the world’s best-selling invisible orthodontic treatment. After all, the name says it all—you can barely see the aligners, and they’re almost entirely discreet. But while they are great, they are far from perfect. There are a few disadvantages you should know about before you take the plunge. Here is what you need to know!

The Price Tag

One of the most significant disadvantages of Invisalign was the cost. Fortunately, advancements in 3D imaging technology and software have significantly reduced the price of Invisalign over the last several years. Today, the cost of Invisalign in Los Angeles is about the same as—or sometimes less than—traditional braces. That being said, the cost can still significantly vary from one person to the next. How? Because the price is often dependent upon the number of alignment trays needed to adjust your bite. One person may require 12 trays, and another may need 24. That’s why you may see the price of Invisalign fluctuate by several thousand dollars at some dental offices.

We take the guesswork out of your Invisalign budget at the LA Dental Clinic. We charge a flat fee of $3,495 (or $190 a month with financing) on every Invisalign treatment. Thanks to flat-rate pricing, you can save as much as $4,500 by working with our Invisalign dentists specialists. 

Minimal Wear Time Required

The biggest challenge of Invisalign is remembering to wear your aligner trays as directed. You should wear your trays almost 24 hours a day. That means only removing them to brush and floss. 

Do you eat with Invisalign? Yes. Our LA Dental Clinic dentists recommend you keep your trays when you eat, and you will be requested to change to a new tray every four days. Other dentists might recommend you remove them to eat and update your trays every eight days. Updating your trays more often is more hygienic, and keeping your trays when you eat will help your teeth move faster.

Do you sleep with Invisalign? Yes! If you forget to wear your aligners, it can lead to relapse or treatment delays. If you feel like you’ll have trouble keeping your aligners in as directed or have a teen who tends to forget things easily, Invisalign might not be suitable for you. 

Hygiene and Daily Maintenance

It’s essential to have an excellent home hygiene routine if you’re wearing Invisalign. Otherwise, the aligners will trap the plaque and food particles against your teeth daily. Be sure to brush a minimum of twice a day and floss thoroughly. Using an antimicrobial mouth rinse is always a plus. Good oral hygiene habits are a must for any orthodontic patient, whether you’re choosing traditional braces or Invisalign. 

The comfort of Invisalign vs. Braces

Does it hurt to get Invisalign? No. Invisalign is much more comfortable than traditional braces because there are no irritating metal wires or brackets rubbing the inside of your mouth. However, some people will occasionally feel the edges of their Invisalign trays and comment that they’re slightly irritating. Fortunately, state-of-the-art digital imaging minimizes potential discomfort with Invisalign trays, offering you the most comfortable teeth straightening process in Los Angeles. 

Stained Invisalign Trays

Although transparent, Invisalign trays can pick up stains from foods and drinks. If you sip on coffee or red wine and then put your aligners in, there’s a good chance that they’ll soak up some of the discolorations. Thankfully, you can limit the risk of stained aligners by rinsing your mouth with water after meals, even if you’re not free to brush and floss at that moment. There are also ways to safely clean your aligners without harsh chemicals, providing fresher appliances throughout the treatment process. 

Buttons or Attachments You Didn’t Know About

Invisalign trays are clear and hug your teeth, but many people don’t realize that there is sometimes the need to add small “buttons” onto teeth for the aligners to grip. These tooth-colored attachments provide added surface area for aligners to use for tooth movement. Thankfully, each attachment is made from tooth-colored materials that blend in with the shade of your enamel. But if you look up close, they appear like small protrusions in your teeth. 

Invisalign Refinement at the End of Your Treatment

Sometimes it’s necessary to “fine-tune” your tooth alignment after your Invisalign therapy. This usually means re-scanning your smile and creating a few more aligners to ensure proper final tooth alignment. Since your smile might need another 2-4 sets of aligners, it can seem like a delay in treatment, but it’s part of the process to get the best results possible.

Who is Invisalign Not Suitable For?

Invisalign is perfectly safe for anyone with mild to moderate crowding issues, but extreme caution is needed if there is complex tooth misalignment. One of the most commonly-known drawbacks of aligner-style orthodontics is that they are often not as effective for situations that involve complex orthodontic needs. Working with an experienced Invisalign provider will ensure that your treatment process is more predictable and practical, eliminating the potential frustration of poor results. 

Are There Any Risks with Invisalign? 

One common complication seen in some orthodontic cases is root resorption. This unwanted side effect can occur in traditional braces and aligner treatments. Root resorption is where the tooth’s root shrinks away or begins to deteriorate, often due to accelerated, rapid, or extreme tooth movement. Fortunately, resorption rates can be minimized by working with a skilled Invisalign provider and following at-home instructions as directed. 

Can Invisalign cause long-term damage? Yes. If you do not wear them as directed, change the alignment trays ahead of schedule.

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As you can see, the “downsides” of choosing Invisalign braces pale compared to the option of wearing traditional braces. The LA Dental Clinic offers comprehensive Invisalign treatments in Los Angeles. 

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