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Top 5 Fears of the Dentist and how to avoid them

  Is your anxiety and fear keeping you away from the dentist?  Don’t worry, you a not alone. Here are some helpful tips to help you overcome your fear, or at least not let it keep you from visiting the dentist. So put the myths and horror stories aside, smile and show your beautiful teeth.


  • The potential of pain during your dental visit.
  • Fear of Embarrassment
  • Fear of Unnecessary treatment
  • General fear of Injections especially in your mouth
  • General fear of any medical producer


The “potential of pain” during your dental visit –

Many of us have childhood memories of visiting the dentist and experiencing pain, we can all imagine how bad things must have been prior to the invention of Novocain: Quiet a story to imagine ‘right!’ so its also important to remember that those visits were often long ago and a lot has changed in dentistry. Memories have become warped over time and, even if the pain was acute, modern dental practices mean that patients feel much less pain nowadays than they did even as recently as five years ago. Dentistry has improved; with better ways of putting everyone at ease that walks in to the dental clinic.  The Doctors understand that you might be afraid of the potential for pain, so don’t not be afraid to let us know so we can work towards making you feel the best for your visits.  Even the smells of a dental office can cause people to cringe.  That’s why we have a coffee maker so you feel like you are walking into a Starbucks!!


The “fear of embarrassment

We are here for you, it is our job to make sure you are comfortable enough to tell us your needs  when it come to your teeth.   I am  sure you have heard negative remarks and lecturing from a dentist or a friend.  Maybe a family member has told you about their experience with his or her dentist.  Has this stopped you from going to see the dentist? Some old-school dentists were used to lecturing their patients however, this has become extremely rare.   Nowadays, having a good “chair-side manner” is very important.  Most people want to feel accepted and cared about and not lectured.  Even if you haven’t been to the dentist for many years, don’t be afraid.  You are ready to start your treatment now and you will be welcomed in any dental office.


The “fear of unnecessary treatment

Have you heard of the overwhelming treatment that has been thrown at someone or maybe yourself when they visited the dentist, right?

From the pointless X-rays, to the tiny cavities every time you have visited the Dentist. To avoid this Over treatment do good research on the dentist you are seeing for your next visit.  Google reviews and Yelp review are usually genuine and will give you a little insight of the Dentist. Another good way to avoid the over treatment would be to get a second opinion from a different dentist; it never hurts to do your research. So go ahead and do all the homework on your next dentist visit.  We will be happy to provide a second opinion at no charge.  In the end, remember, it all comes down to your relationship with your health care provider.  You have to feel trust.

Fear of Injections 

Many people are afraid of injections.  here are some quick tips on how to get over the hurdle.  the best ways is to distract yourself, by lifting your feet, singing etc… Also, let your dentist know that you are afraid.   You are not the only one.  If you need to cry, that’s OK.  Crying can release your anxiety and make you feel better.  Other options are taking  a sedative before your dental treatment or bringing  a friend along for moral support.

 Fear of Medical Procedures 

Like the fear of injection, let your doctor know so that they can explain every step to you.  Also, think about how this treatment will help you and make you feel better in the long term.  If you are absolutely terrified, you may want to go in just for a minor treatment like a cleaning, then slowly build up to a filling etc….  This way you will get familiar with the dentist, the staff and the office.  The main thing is to find someone you feel comfortable with and you trust.  We know how hard it can be to go to the dentist.


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