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The Cost of Getting Braces

As many of us get older, we become more cosncious of our appearance.  Getting braces was once associated with the growing pains of teenage years.  But no more.  Now, more and more adults are choosing to get clear braces and get a beautiful smile withouth the hassels of metal wires.  This is due to a new revolution in the dental field called inivsalign.  Invisalign consists of a series of clear tryas that gradually move your teeth without the need for wires.  Many people want to know the costs of getting such treatment.   The specific cost and duration of using Invisalign can vary as per from person to person, but here is a quick look at how much invisalign costs, in our office.

The cost will depend on the severity of your case.  For minor tooth movement when the treatment is less than 6 months in duration, you can expect to pay less than when there is a lot of malocclusion.


Factors determining cost of treatment:

• The extent and severity of the problem: The cost depends on what is the condition of your teeth and how badly their position affects chewing and speaking.

• Type of braces: Metal braces cost at least $400 less than ceramic ones, which are more aesthetic and thereby cost more.

In our office in Los Angeles Invisalign can cost between $3000- $5500 depending on the length of your case.  We do offer a free consultation and I would encourage you to do several consultations prior to choosing your invisalign dentist

invisalign cost los angeles dental – simple case

Invisalign cost los angeles dental – moderate case

invisaling cost los angeles dental – severe case

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