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Teeth Alignment Techniques

Perfectly aligned teeth represent good oral hygiene habits and give you a flawless smile. Irregularities in the arrangement of your teeth can cause a number of problems in your social and professional life; also you might find everyday tasks such as eating, smiling, and talking problematic. Today, there are a number of teeth alignment options you can go for, whether it is for mending speech imparities or the overall look of your teeth.

Crooked teeth and teeth with gaps between them can cause a number of problems like excess plaque deposits, excessive growth of bacteria and other gum related conditions. Some of the best teeth alignment techniques include:

#1- Braces

There are now a number of options when it comes to braces, the best ones are traditional metal braces and lingual braces. Contrary to metal braces, lingual braces are fixed on the back side of your teeth, making them hard to detect and they can only be removed by your dentist.

Metal braces involve fixing brackets on the upper and lower teeth which are corded together using metal wires. Gradually these braces pull the teeth together, aligning them right in place.

photo (1)

#2- Veneers

Dental veneers are used to fix minor to moderate gaps between teeth or misalignment. Veneers do not involve using meal wires or brackets, these are thin shells made out of porcelain or a resin composite which are bonded to the front of the teeth using special dental cement. Apart from giving you a perfectly aligned set of teeth, these veneers also help cover any discolorations or chipped teeth.

before and after veneers

#3- Invisalign

Invisalign trays look somewhat similar to whitening trays; these are highly preferable for adults or people who are looking forward to aligning their teeth without having to tell everyone. These are made out of thin, smooth and practically invisible plastic. The total shift required to align the teeth is divided into a series of movements and aligners are designed accordingly. Patients are required to replace these trays every two weeks which gradually shift the teeth in to the right place.

photo (2)

#4- Teeth Alignment Surgery


This surgical procedure can be used for adults or children and it is usually done when the teeth are highly misaligned and there are problems with the jawbone. Days prior to the surgery, orthodontic braces will be fixed on your teeth. The surgery is then performed under general anesthesia, building up jawbone and aligning the teeth perfectly. After the surgery, you will be needed to put the orthodontic braces back on to help through the healing process and ensure proper alignment.

#5- Cosmetic Contouring

People who have problems like overlapping or overcrowded teeth might find this as the best option. The procedure is fast and it is usually performed under a local anesthetic. This procedure involves the removal of minor teeth structure to give you a more appealing and perfectly aligned set of teeth. Chipped or cracked edges are also removed and the teeth are shaped enough to give a faultlessly aligned look.

There are a number of other options as well when it comes to aligning teeth, but it is always better to visit and consult a dentist so that you may know the best option for you!


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