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Say “NO!” to Tobacco

Many Americans believe that chewing tobacco isn’t bad for you but honestly it’s far from harmless! We want you to understand that all forms of tobacco contain a high concentration of cancer-causing agents. The practice of chewing and dipping tobacco and juices left behind; which stay in your mouth for a long period of time. This prolonged exposure gives tobacco users an increased risk of cancer; on the lip, cheeks, tongue, gums, the roof of your mouth and the bottom of your mouth.

Smokeless tobacco also leads to unhealthy, uncomfortable, and serious dental issues, such as; loss of enamel; which causes sensitive teeth, pain, and tooth decay. Not only that but just like smoking tobacco, it causes you to have stain on your teeth and foul breath. It also damages your gum; which causes tooth loss.

Please take the first step to a healthier future. Feel free to ask us about any health alerts, and by also coming in for your regular cleanings and oral cancer screenings!

We want to keep you smiling.


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  1. I agree that smoking or chewing are not healthy habits, but I wish we were talkin and about other unhealthy things, not focusing on tobacco only. What about sugar, flour, meat? Are these very good for the health?

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