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Get 20% Off Any Orthodontic Treatment with a $1000 Deposit

Braces and Invisalign: They’re about so much more than just straight teeth

Having a great smile is only a small part of why orthodontic treatments like Invisalign and braces are so important.
Straight teeth help you maintain a healthier mouth, give you confidence, and so much more.

What Can Orthodontics Do For You?

Lower your risk of gum disease and tooth decay

Well-aligned teeth are easier to clean, which helps you protect your teeth and maintain peak oral health.

“Before, I was lazy about cleaning my teeth properly because it took so long. Once I got my braces off, it was just so much easier to floss and brush the right way.”

Have complete confidence when you smile, laugh, and speak

With a great looking, properly-aligned smile, you can wave goodbye to feeling self-conscious about your teeth.

“I would start to laugh or talk and then quickly close my mouth after thinking about my teeth. After Invisalign, I haven’t felt that way even once.”

Protect your teeth from unnecessary wear and tear

When your teeth are lined up correctly, it lowers the chance of them wearing out prematurely or becoming chipped.

“No more sore teeth in the morning from grinding my teeth overnight…I never realized how much it bothered me until after I got braces to straighten my teeth.”

Get a healthier, more functional jaw

Orthodontic treatment will correct your jaw alignment, helping you speak, breathe, and chew the way you were meant to.

“I was always biting the inside of my cheek while eating or speaking. After fixing my teeth with Invisalign – problem solved!”

Offer Conditions

Start by getting a consultation with us - either virtually or at our clinic.

We'll work with you to understand your case, starting with an examination of your mouth and jaws, plus an x-ray if you're able to visit us at our clinic.

This offer is available to anyone who registers for an orthodontic procedure at LA Dental Clinic before the start of September.

If you register and change your mind before your procedure begins, your deposit will be fully refunded.

The 20% discount only applies to the cost of your orthodontic procedure.

If you need additional treatment(s) before you can begin your orthodontic procedure, that cost will be calculated separately.

Azy and Arezoo Nasiry: LA’s Trusted Names in Dentistry

Here at LA Dental Clinic, we care about providing dental service that improves your quality of life, which is why we’re focused on solutions and not just procedures. From comfort and convenience to beauty and aesthetics, we want you to have a smile that you love. When you visit our clinic, you can be confident that our team will be there to look after you at every step of your dental journey, from consultation to perfect smile.

Your confident smile awaits.

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