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Natural toothache Remedies

Toothache is one of those painful conditions, which affects people of all age groups all around the world. A number of companies have made popular business generating products claiming to cure toothaches. However, most of these companies usually do not tell you the whole story. There are a number of side effects to using chemical based products, which become apparent after regular use of these products.

Subsequently, we fail to realize that there are cures for toothaches using ingredients available in our houses!

Here is a list of natural ingredients that have been used to alleviate the painful symptoms of toothache.


Ice has the ability to create a numbing effect on a painful region. Using an ice pack, ideally covered with a towel or a piece of cloth for covering part of the cheek that is painful, helps relieve the pain temporarily.


Salt has anti-bacterial properties and is used to relieve many conditions of the mouth and throat. For toothache, add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and stir until it dissolves completely. Gargle with this liquid four to five times a day and you will notice a reduction in the pain level.


Ancient history has shown us the many medicinal properties of garlic. One of the benefits of garlic includes relief from toothache, if used correctly. Crush a clove of garlic and apply it to the affected area. If you do not like the intense flavor of garlic, you can add a little rock salt to it before application.


Lime contains citric acid, which controls tooth decay. Additionally, it is also highly effective for the treatment of toothache. Biting on a lime so that the limejuices are released on the affected area reduce pain greatly.


Make a solution using equal parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water and use it to rinse your mouth after every meal to fight bacteria like gingivitis, which is usually the main cause of toothache. Since hydrogen peroxide is an acid, make sure you do not swallow it.


Ginger also has a number of medicinal properties if used properly. Removing the skin off the ginger root and biting down on a slice of it has shown to alleviate conditions like toothache.


Hard liquor like vodka and brandy has soothing effects on toothache caused by mild infections or injuries caused by a fall, etc. Dab a small cotton ball with vodka and apply to the affected area to see instant results.


Potatoes kill the harmful bacteria, which is usually responsible for causing toothache. Cut a slice, season it with a little salt, and apply to the infected area for about fifteen to twenty minutes.


Like potatoes, onions also have anti bacterial properties. Chewing on some freshly chopped onion releases anti bacterial juices in the mouth that attack toothache-causing bacteria and also prevent future tooth decay.


Combine pepper with clove oil to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to the affected area for relief.


A few drops of pure vanilla extract on the infected area provide instant relief to the affected area.


Tea contains anti oxidants and tannins that are natural ingredients, which result in providing a numbing affect to the infected area.


Like tea, this is also highly effective in alleviating toothache. Using a few drops on a cotton ball or mixing it with a little lukewarm water for rinsing the mouth has shown to have an instant relief for toothache maladies.


Teeth related disorders and conditions are extremely painful. If not treated right, they can lead to other problems caused by the stress of pain. Opting for natural forms of treatment for toothache may give you some relief, but if you have decay, infection, or gum disease, these can only be treated by a professional such as a dentist or hygienist.

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