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Tooth loss happens unexpectedly. It can be the result of illness, accidents, or injury. It can have a profound effect on your self-confidence.

When you’re missing teeth, you may avoid talking or smiling. It can also cause your neighbouring teeth to shift, and it leads to gradual bone loss in your jaw.

This spring, we want everyone to feel confident about their smiles. That’s why from March 20th to June 21st, 2018  we’re offering $750 off dental implants.

Why Should I Consider Dental Implants?

Here are a few reasons why dental implants are the best and most permanent alternatives for replacing your missing teeth.


You don’t have to remove them

Just like your own natural teeth, dental implants stay in your mouth permanently. You don’t have to take them out and clean them and food will not get stuck around them. They are a part of your mouth and your teeth just like your natural teeth. They are the most lifelike replacement for missing teeth. 


They preserve the bone around your teeth

Your jaw bone deteriorates when there is no longer a tooth in the area. This causes your face to “cave in,” giving you an aged appearance. Having good bone support in your jaws keeps your facial features in tact. It also prevents your jaw from weakening which can lead to further tooth loss. Once there is bone loss, it only continues to get worse. 


You don’t have to damage other teeth

Traditionally, it was popular to put a “bridge” in to replace the missing tooth. This meant that the missing tooth area required the surrounding teeth for support. This meant that the teeth around the missing tooth would be filed down to hold a crown and support the false tooth. With implants, you don’t have to worry about damaging the neighbouring teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re missing one or more teeth, and have healthy gums and overall good oral health, you’re probably a good candidate for dental implants.

A dental implant and a crown can replace a missing tooth in a very natural way. If you’re missing several teeth, you may want to consider dental implants with a bridge or as a way to hold loose dentures in place more securely.

Even if you’re already wearing dentures, adding two or four dental implants can make the dentures (especially the lower one) MUCH tighter and it won’t move around anymore while you’re eating.

Because dental implants look and feel like your own teeth, the main advantage is the improved look and feel of the teeth. Many people say dental implants have transformed the way they eat, chew and even smile!!

Dental implants will allow you to enjoy eating a healthy diet that includes vegetables and fruits that are hard to chew with dentures or with no teeth.

Also, because they don’t cover the roof of your mouth, like dentures, dental implants allow you to taste the foods you eat much better and you will find that you speak better too without having to worry about your dentures coming loose or moving around.

Another less known advantage of dental implants is that they will help your body preserve the bone of your jaws. Because they act like a natural tooth, the bone will not resorb like it does with dentures or with no teeth present.

Maintaining the bone in your face will help your face look “fuller” and will prevent the sinking in of the lips and mouth that happens as we age.

Although it is hard to say with accuracy, the general idea is that implants range between $3000 and $5000. I know this is a large range, but dentists are always competing to get more clients into their offices. At LA Dental Clinic, our price for an implant is $3750.

The only advice I would have is to choose someone experienced that you trust who is reasonable.

If you need additional procedures such as adding bone to the area or if you’re missing several teeth, the cost will vary. You can always get a few consultations before you decide.

In its most basic form the placement of an osseointegrated implant requires a preparation into the bone using precision drills with highly regulated speed to prevent burning or pressure necrosis of the bone.

After a variable amount of time to allow the bone to grow onto the surface of the implant (osseointegration) a tooth or teeth can be placed on the implant.

The amount of time required to place an implant will vary depending on the difficulty of the individual situation, but it is usually between 1-2 hours.

The amount of time required for an implant to become osseointegrated is a hotly debated topic. Consequently the amount of time that practitioners allow the implant to heal before placing a restoration on it varies widely.

In general, practitioners allow 2–6 months for healing but preliminary studies show that early loading of implant may not increase early or long term complications. Here at Los Angeles Dental, we always err towards the side of caution and give you plenty of time to heal.


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