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How to Care for New Dental Implants: The Ultimate Guide

As you know caring for your new dental implants properly will determine how well they heal, how quickly they heal, and ensure the healing process is without error. While caring for your new dental implants is important, many people are unaware of how to care for their implants, and search the Internet looking for proper care techniques. If you want to find the best tips on how to properly care for new dental implants, look no further. This guide will provide you with everything you need to keep your smile bright, healthy, and healing flawlessly. care for new dental implants

General guidelines

While each patient is different, recovering from dental implant surgery requires following the same basic guidelines. Once installed, your new dental implants must fuse to your jawbone, which occurs only when proper healing takes place. Cleanliness is key for proper healing of dental implants, and it requires good oral hygiene and using the proper recovery tools until recovery occurs. Healing time differs between patients along with the location of the implant. For patients who properly care for new dental implants will have them last a lifetime.

Preventing infections

Developing an infection after your dental implant surgery is the main cause for implant failure. Antibiotics are prescribed to patients post dental implant surgery to help encourage healing within the site and keep infections away. There’s two forms of implants used, which include pill or liquid antibiotics, along with an oral mouth rinse that contains antibiotics to rid the area of bacteria. Using antibiotics correctly will start the healing process off the right way.

Caring for new dental implants

Eating for healing

Most patients can quickly return to their regular eating habits after oral surgery, but a healthy diet is encouraged for optimal healing power. Healthy food isn’t only essential for healthy teeth and implants, but nutritious food provides the body with what it needs to move through the healing process easily. It’s also important to up your water intake post-surgery, as proper hydration will help you heal quickly and prevents problems with the healing process like dry mouth.

Maintaining hygiene

Good oral hygiene is the key to success with your new dental implants. Only when the area is kept clean, can proper healing occur. Brushing your natural teeth regularly is the first step towards successful healing of your dental implants. It’s also important that you avoid any foods your doctor may suggest you avoid, because during the first few months of eating some patients are met with certain diet restrictions they must adhere to for proper healing and preventing damage. Once the gums around your implants heal, it’s important to properly care for your new implants properly be using a specific routine. For some people, their traditional tooth care products will work, but others may need to switch to certain specialized tools to clean their implants properly. The tools and techniques used depend on the number of implants installed and location of installation.

Extra tips

There are certain precautions patients should follow in addition to the standard guidelines set in place. For implants installed to hold additional oral devices in place, like dentures or partials, should generally heal for around 10 days before the oral device is used along with the implants. Some dental experts design a special device you can use for your tooth replacement needs that can snap directly onto the implants the day of your implant surgery. Your dentist will discuss with you any additional steps you should take to encourage healing of your dental implants and full function of your new dental implants.

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