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Your Excuses and our answers


excuses to avoid brushing“My dog used my tooth brush so I can’t. He needs clean teeth too!” All of us remember doing this – making silly excuses or simply lying to stay away from the EVIL tooth brush. The funny thing is we still love making excuses when it comes to dental hygiene. It is imperative to form habits to keep a clean and healthy mouth, having your natural teeth for the rest of your life can play an important role in guarantying a healthy life as well.

Excuse # 1: Do I really need to stop drinking fizzy? Man it keeps my belly good!

If you are an excessive drinker of Colas or Red wine, stop! Colas, Red wine and Gravies are three top culprits when it comes to stained teeth. Expect the results to be not-so-pearly-white pirate teeth when you’re chugging down such drinks frequently. Remember, if it’s dark before you eat it, it’s probably going to discolor your teeth. Brush your teeth every time after you drink anything dark and make it a practice to use a bleaching agent. Stay conscious and aware of teeth-staining foods and learn to hold yourself back!

Excuse # 2: I hate brushing man! The toothpaste and saliva keeps dripping down my hands and elbows!

If so, you’re doing it wrong. The best way to brush teeth is to hold your tooth brush like a pencil. Place it on your teeth at an angle of 40 to 45 degrees and gently brush using circular motion rather than sideways. This will help you clean your teeth and gums easily without the tooth paste dripping down your chin and belly!

Excuse # 3: My tooth brush seems like someone cleaned the car with it in the morning! I’m not putting that in my mouth!

Does your tooth brush really look so rough in the morning? If so, then you are probably brushing your teeth really hard and quick. It’s ok; no one cleaned the car with it. When you put too much pressure on your teeth with the brush, or don’t rinse it properly after your done, it’s bound to give that somebody-cleaned-something-else-with-it look. Contradictory to what most scrub-happy people think, brushing with excessive force is not the best way to remove plaque or debris. For best results, it is best to take it slow and gentle while brushing, and for a more visually appealing tooth brush in the morning.

Excuse # 4: Brush or Bed? I’m so sleepy!

The standard time to manage an all clean, bacteria-free mouth is two minutes. Of course you are real sleepy at night before bed but that isn’t a reason enough to speed up the brushing part. Try to make brushing teeth interesting, use a timer or hum your favorite tune while brushing teeth. Making faces in the mirror helps too!

Excuse # 5: My teeth are so strong! Watch me pop the cap off this bottle!

Don’t do it! Carry a bottle opener, a pair of scissors or a cutter. Your teeth aren’t a gadget to pop bottles open or split open that walnut. These put a great deal of pressure on your teeth and may cause mini-fractures to your teeth. These fractures make your teeth more prone to stains and further breakage.

 Making excuses is going to gradually keep damaging your teeth and by the time you realize what you have done it might even be too late to use a dental procedure to fix them. You get one set of teeth for your entire life. Look after them!

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