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Caring for Dental Implants in Los Angeles

There’s a lot of talk about planning for dental implants, but not as much when it comes to caring for them. The care you of Dental Implants in Los Angeles is crucial for their success, and with a big investment like this, you want to ensure they look great for a lifetime. By using the guide, you’ll learn the before, during, and after of at-home dental care for your dental implants, to help keep your dental implants looking fantastic.

Dental Implants in Los Angeles

First things first

The first step in keeping your implants looking great is ensuring the healing process goes smoothly. Most people heal rather quickly from surgery, with little to no issues arising with good oral health care. It’s important that you monitor the appearance of your gums around the implant while going through the healing process, as they can tell you a lot about how things are moving along.

The gums around the implant should start to firm up as the gums heal. They should be a pink color, and keratinized without any sign of infection. Keratinized tissue is the tissue that creates the seal between the gum and the implant. According to experts, a good seal is what determines a healthy implant, and when one isn’t’ prevent it can lead to bacteria growth in the socket and untimely failure of the implant. Once your implants are installed, your dental hygienist will offer you with information on the important of Keratinized tissue and how you can obtain it. Through specialized techniques, you’ll develop the tissue you need to heal and keep the seal tight until the area has completely healed. Once the gums and implants have healed, it’s time to move onto the next step of caring for your dental implants in Los Angeles.

Dental Implants in Los Angeles


Brushing the right way

One of the most common questions patients have is what type of brush they should be using for their implants. According to several studies, there’s no significant difference between sonic, manual, and electric toothbrushes, and each will keep your dental implants in Los Angeles healthy. However, it is recommended that a soft toothbrush is used to clean the dental implant or implants. A softer brush will ensure the area is cleaned without causing any damage. You can check if your toothbrush is too hard by pushing on the bristles. The bristles should give away easily, without any force on your end. If the bristles stand up against a light push of your finger, chances are it is too hard and should be swapped out for a softer brush.

Don’t forget to floss

Most people know that flossing is one of the most important steps you can take for both tooth and gum health, and the same concept applies when it comes to caring for your implants. Implants generally have tight spacing between them, which can make flossing difficult. However, experts say that nylon coated interdental brushes can easily fit within those tight or heard to reach places. Some patients are advised to dip the flossing stick into antimicrobial gel or rinse for extra cleaning power. While there is floss designed solely for implant use, some patients find the nylon sticks to be the most effective cleaning tool available.

Dental implants


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