Toothache – 2 main causes and solutions

Are you having a toothache?

Here are the main reasons and solutions to your problem

1. tooth related issues – many toothaches are related to broken or cracked fillings that are old or very very large.  This occurs with old silver fillings that have been in the mouth for many years and that have started to deteriorate causing leakage of saliva and bacteria into the pulp of the tooth.  By the time, this happens, the nerve of the tooth is probably infected and the tooth will require a root canal.  this type of toothache is very common and can lead to abecess, pain and loss of the tooth entirely.

The solution to this problems is to visit your dentist for a root canal treatment.  You will probably also get antibiotics and pain medication until the nerve and the area around the tooth has persistent headaches, earaches, throbbing of the tooth, pain with temperature and even swelling and abcess of the jaw and the area surrounding the tooth.



2. gum related issues – The bone surrounding the teeth can also be the cause of  a toothache.  If you have a  lot of calculus and tartar buildup and you have lost a lot of bone around your teeth, you may develop a periodontal infection.  This infection is related to the gum and bone surrounding the teeth.  The signs of a periodontal infection are pain, swelling of the area, loose teeth, bad taste in the mouth.  Periodontal infections are much more slow developing and the symptoms may not appear for years.  Usually, by the time you have a periodontal infection, you will need a deep cleaning of the area or you may have to extract the teeth if too much bone has been lost.  Regular cleanings and checkups are the best way to avoid periodontal problems since they are usually asymptomatic for many years.

toothache causes
bone loss can cause toothache


 Unfortunately, toothaches are never planned for or expected so if you are experiencing a toothache, don’t delay.  Visit a dentist  and find out what needs to be done.  The problem is not going to get better by itself.

if you don’t have insurance, check out or in-house plan.  We can help you get the treatment you need within your budget and time frame.

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