4 reasons going to the dentist is not so scary

Dental Cleaning

Going to the dentist is never on anyone’s list of favorite places.  Well, I want to tell you why that coming to visit us will make you a healthier person.  

1.  You probably can’t clean certain parts of your mouth very well.  Some areas in your mouth are so hard to get to that even we have a hard time when you are in the dental chair.  We are probably the only ones who actually look there and make sure the teeth and the gums are in good shape.

2. We check you for Oral Cancer – When you come in for your cleanings, we actually look at the sides of your tongue and the back of your throat for any signs of oral cancer.  Again, your dentist is probably the only one doing this.

3.  We get rid of plaque and tartar buildup behind your teeth.  Plaque and tartar buildup over months and even years.  when you come in for a cleaning, we get rid of all those bacterial colonies and give you a cleaner mouth.  These bacteria can actually get in your bloodstream and cause problems with your heart and other organs.

4.  Your cleaning is probably free.  If you have insurance, your cleaning is probably free.  Nowadays, there is groupon and Living Social that offer cheap cleanings and checkups.  There is no reason why everyone cannot get their teeth cleaned and checked at least 2 times/year.

Remember,  your mouth and your teeth are part of your body.  Find a friendly dentist and make it a priority to take care of your smile.


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