Reasons #1-3; Why You Should Get Your Cleanings.

1. Helps Prevent Oral Cancer; One of the risk factors that dentist search for in a patient’s mouth during an exam is oral cancer.  This helps dentist catch, if any, oral cancer at an early stage. Oral cancer can be curable if caught in time. Certain things such as tobacco, alcohol can cause oral cancer so if you are a tobacco and alcohol fan it is important to come in for your recare appointments.

2. Fight Off Gum Disease; Gingivitis is one of the most common conditions throughout the world. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria and plaque which slowly dig its way under your gums causing tartar and infection to feed off any sweets, sugar or anything. When you come in for your dental visits we can always stop the bacteria from spreading with a good cleaning.

3. Goes Beyond Your Teeth, helps maintain good health; Your mouth is one of the most important essences in your body. Think about this you eat, drink, kiss, talk, smile, ect. now if you have a diseased mouth you can’t enjoy these things anymore. Also with all the bacteria and infection growing in your mouth every time you drink or eat your swallowing it and it can get in your blood system or organs which causes deeper problems.  To prevent this we recommend your regular cleanings and keep up with your visits. It’s better to spend a hundred dollars now then spend thousands in the future.

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  1. I agree with you on all three points, my mother is a dentist and at first I was annoyed by her constant talking about oral health but after having some serious problems with my teeth I know the importance!

    1. Yes, for some reason a lot of us learn the hard way. We all have gone through it, but now everything is under control which makes us feel much more better.

  2. This is a very good advice, which should be often reminded to people, because we all know that we must go to examinations for a good prevention against diseases, but we do not do it regularly!

    1. Yes we always try our best to have our patients come in regurlarly. A lot of people do not come in to their dental visits because dentistry is not one of their priorities. That’s why we are here to educate them.

  3. I also agree with you on all three points because this is the essential things to do when you are keeping your oral hygiene! I also think that we should reduce coffee and eat more apples, isn’t that right?

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