Money Gone to Waste

Did you know that every year in December.  Thousands of dollars of YOUR money are going to waste?? 

Yes, that’s right.  That’s because many insurance company benefits reset and the rules are that “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.

So if you have $2000 worth of benefits and you need 2 crowns and 3 fillings, your insurance can help you pay for that dental work.  In fact, your benefits will start again next year so now is the perfect time to maximize your dental insurance.  Get some of the work done this year and some in January.

If you work for a big company and you’re not sure about your dental benefits, please check with the HR department.  Most likely, you have a PPO plan and those are the ones with reseting benefits.

Don’t let the insurance companies take money from your paycheck every month without using the benefits you pay for.

Here’s how dental insurance works.

1. you get a maximum amount per year to use ( usually from $1000- $2000)

2. This money can be used to pay for dental cleanings, crowns, fillings etc… 

3. if you don’t use your money in one year, you will lose the amount assigned to you.  

4. next year you will have another $1000-$2000 to use.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing some patients come in at the beginning of the year, and finding out that if they had come in one or two months earlier, they would have had double the amount of coverage to use for their dental treatment.

Please call us or your regular dentist and at least squeeze in your last dental cleaning for the year. 


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