Missing Teeth

Do you have any missing teeth?  If you do, it should really be replaced. A tooth gap can create problems for your dental health in the future.  Just one missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift into the empty gap. Tooth placement, can also affect the shape of your face.

There are many ways people lose teeth, and yet the consequences of not replacing missing teeth may affect the person in many ways.   A person may no longer enjoy many foods, may be self-conscious about their facial appearance, or even suppress laughter for fear of showing their teeth.

A t gap may seem not such a big deal, however teeth can eventually start collapsing into the gap. If the missing tooth is not  replaced, the bone is reabsorbed by the body, also weakening the bone support of the teeth, next to the missing tooth.  This problem unfortunately may add to the loss of other teeth.  If the missing tooth is in the front, it can cause embarrassment, loss of opportunities for work advancement and making the person feel self conscious of their smile.


The great news, is that there are solutions to replace missing teeth.  Dentists can stop further damage and can fix your oral health. Services to replace missing include dental implants, bridges and even partial dentures.  Having healthier teeth, will help you be happier and allow you to look and feel your best, without any unneeded embarrassment.
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It is important to replace missing teeth. Many people leave gaps in their mouth for years, especially if the missing teeth are in the back. However, a gap due to even a single missing tooth can lead to a domino effect of other dental problems. A gap due to one…

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