risks of cavities in teeth – Part 1

What Do we look at when doing a dental exam??
Sometimes people think that dentist are just looking for cavities in their mouth. However, here at Los Angeles Dental, we take a much more wholistic approach to your teeth. We realize that your teeth are attached to your head and your head is attached to the rest of you so we want to make sure we address you as a whole person.
That’s why we look at dental health from four different areas of overall risk:
Risk of decay – If you are someone who always has 7 new cavities when you go to the dentist, or if you drink 3 cans of soda per day, you are at high risk for dental decay. You may not have any new cavities, but just based on your habits and your previous history we like to take an aggressive approach to make sure you don’t get any new cavities. Things like fluoride treatments, frequent cleanings and not just “watching” those discolorations in your teeth that could become full blown cavities in the future. These are low cost ways to prevent the high pain and high costs things like root canals in the future.

By being more aware of you as a whole person and taking into account your history, habits , medications etc… we can help you prevent more complicated dental work in the future.

I will discuss the next 3 risk factors in our next posts.
Have a great day

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13 thoughts on “risks of cavities in teeth – Part 1

  1. I totally agree that this is the right way to examine people for theeir dental health! For example I had problems with my teeth during my pregnancy…

  2. Finally, someone to unveil the secret of what my dentist do over my face. Thanks, I guess I’ll be more patient from now on :).

    1. If you have the same dentist and you feel there is always something new in every dental visit, you should look for a second opinion of the treatment planned. I know I would.

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