A White Christmas

after whitening
immediately after whitening

Are you dreaming of a white christmas?

Here are some tips on how to keep your teeth as white as possible during the holidays and on.

1. get a professonal whitening – At my office we offer Zoom! whitening for $300 (in 2011).  It takes about an hour and the results are immediate and dramatic.  This may be a great gift you can give yourself or to someone else this year.

2. Whitening trays – these are custom -made trays you use a few hours/day to keep your teeth at their whitest.  We offer “whitening for life” and you get new trays made every time you come in plus we give you free whitening gel.

3.  avoid colored foods – Seriously, it comes down to this.  If you can avoid smoking, coffee, red wine etc…  No matter how much and how many times you whiten your teeth, smoking and coffee will take you right back to your old shade.

So please call us at 213-385-9710, email us at nasiry.officemanager@gmail.com, or just  click here to make your own appointment online.

Happy Holidays.

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